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Discbound Organizer

Discbound Organizer

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Cash Envelope System, Sticker Album, Photo Album, Coupon Organizer, etc

The perfect gift for yourself, family, and friends. Perfect for on the go purposes. Not to big and not to small.  

Available in three (3) colors: Black, Brown, and Pink.

A6 6 metal discbound vegan cover with button closure.

  • Black comes with silver discs.
  • Pink comes with rose gold discs.
  • Brown comes with gold discs.

Organizer includes 20 plastic envelope inserts. Also, it has three (3) card inserts with a snap closure.

This can be utilized as a:

sticker album

photo album,

planner cards, or

cash envelope system

Size: 108 x 178 mm

Color might slightly vary due to the lighting in the pictures.

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