Unlock Your Future: May 2024 HBCU Scholarships Now Available!

Unlock Your Future: May 2024 HBCU Scholarships Now Available!

This month, we continue shining a spotlight on scholarships tailored specifically for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Trust me, you don't want to miss out on these golden opportunities!

🌟 **STEM Scholarships**: Are you passionate about science, technology, engineering, or math? Several scholarships on the list are tailor-made for students pursuing STEM majors. It's your chance to turn your passion into a rewarding educational journey!

🎥 **Video Requirements**: Keep your cameras ready because some of these scholarships require a brief 2-minute video submission. Don't worry, it's your time to shine and showcase your personality, passion, and why you're the perfect candidate for the award.

🎓 **Select HBCUs Only**: Attention, scholars! A few scholarships are exclusively available for students attending select HBCUs. Make sure to double-check the additional information field to see if your institution qualifies.

**Scholarship Application Tip: Stand Out from the Crowd**

Now, let's talk strategy. With so many talented applicants vying for these scholarships, how can you make sure your application stands out? Here's a pro tip:

🌟 **Craft a Compelling Narrative**: Beyond your academic achievements, share your personal story. What drives you? What challenges have you overcome? How do you plan to make a difference in your community and beyond? Let your passion and authenticity shine through in your application essays and video submissions.

Remember, each application is an opportunity to paint a picture of who you are and why you deserve this scholarship. So, don't be afraid to let your uniqueness shine!

**Ready to Seize Your Opportunity?**
Your future awaits, and these scholarships could be the key to unlocking endless possibilities in your educational journey. Here's a snapshot out of the list but the full May listing is available on the excel link below.


Updated 5/4/2024
5/8/2024 Patterson HBCU Scholarship Patterson HBCU Scholarship for Carson Scholars - Carson Scholars Fund  $           5,000.00 Carson Scholar
5/13/2024 2024-2025 Citizens Helping Citizens Scholarship Program Program Landing Page (uncf.org)  $            5,000.00 2.75 GPA
5/14/2024 National Black MBA Association Key Access Program Scholarship List (nbmbaa.org)  $            5,000.00  
5/15/2024 Legends HBCU Scholarship LEGENDS HBCU SCHOLARSHIP | National Basketball Retired Players Association (legendsofbasketball.com)  $         10,000.00 3.7 GPA; HBCU faculty recommendation
5/15/2024 2024-2025 LeBlanc/Baker Scholarship for Change Program Landing Page (uncf.org)  $           4,000.00 2.0 GPA; Male
5/16/2024 Freda T Roof Memorial Scholarship Freda T. Roof Memorial Scholarship Fund - Scholarships - Community College of Denver (academicworks.com)  varies   

Good luck, scholars! Your HBCU adventure awaits. 🚀


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