Scholarship Saturday: HBCU Student Opportunities!

Scholarship Saturday: HBCU Student Opportunities!

Welcome to this week's Scholarship Saturday blog post! We're excited to share some fantastic scholarship opportunities specifically for HBCU students. These scholarships can make a significant difference in your educational journey, so don’t miss out on these chances to secure financial aid. Please note that some of these deadlines are rapidly approaching, so act fast!

### Scholarships Due July 8, 2024

1. **Ford Motor Company Fund & NACME Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024
- **Details:** Open to students pursuing degrees in engineering, computer science, and business. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and leadership skills.

2. **Luther Vandross Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024
- **Details:** This scholarship honors the legacy of the legendary singer Luther Vandross. It supports students majoring in music, arts, or performing arts.

3. **Associates Scholars Empowerment Program**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024
- **Details:** Aimed at empowering students pursuing an Associate's degree.

4. **HBCU Scholars Empowerment Program**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024
- **Details:** Aimed at graduating high school seniors attending a PBI or HBCU.

5. **Macy's Mission Every One Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024

6. **Winston-Salem Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024
- **Details:** Offers financial assistance to students from the Winston-Salem area who exhibit academic promise and leadership.

7. **Ralph & Fanny Ellison Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 8, 2024
- **Details:** Named after the famous writer Ralph Ellison and his wife, this scholarship supports students majoring in literature or creative writing.

### Scholarships Due July 12, 2024

1. **Wells Fargo Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 12, 2024
- **Details:** Open to students with STEM majors

2. **Toyota Scholarship**
- **Deadline:** July 12, 2024
- **Details:** Supports students pursuing degrees in accounting, finance, and STEM studies. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

For more information on these scholarships and to apply, please check this link: MsFrugalScholarshipBlog2024.xlsx

### Financial Tip for Fall Semester at HBCUs

As the fall semester approaches, it’s crucial to manage your finances wisely. One effective tip is to **create a detailed budget**. Start by listing all your sources of income (scholarships, part-time jobs, family contributions) and all your expected expenses (tuition, books, housing, meals, transportation). Tracking your spending and sticking to your budget can help you avoid financial stress and ensure you have enough funds to cover your essentials throughout the semester.

Stay tuned for more scholarship updates and financial tips every Saturday. Best of luck with your applications, and have a great start to your fall semester!

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