2022 Word of the Year is Elucidate

My OLW - Elucidate

Welcome to my first blog post.

Wow!! It’s 2022 & we made it to another year in the midst of the C-19 pandemic. Praying for those that have lost loved ones and still recovering from the C-19.

As we close out one year to begin another year we tend to set goals and/or resolutions for ourselves.  We create vision boards to visualize what we will like to accomplish for the new year.  Along with those annual tasks we tend to find one little word (OLW) or word of the year (WOTY) to focus on to achieve our goals/resolutions.  For those new to this, your OLW or WOTY is simply something you want to focus on in your life for that given year.  

In previous years, my OLW has been declutter, delight, connect, etc. My OLW helped me create my vision board and goals for those particular years.    In previous years, I utilize the Dayspring WOTY quiz at https://www.dayspring.com/yourwordquiz to help me to determine my OLW/WOTY.

This year I simply reflected over my life and meditated on what I need to do improve my life to determine my OLW.  One thing that I have discovered about myself within the past few years I isolate myself.  I shut down because I do not like being confrontational.  I keep my feelings inside instead of talking about it.  The pandemic made it even easier to do this.  Isolation is unhealthy and will make you have suicidal thoughts. This isolation of shutting down makes life seems pointless with no purpose. Holidays in the midst of the pandemic made life seem pointless even more.  The isolation of being alone seeing others post family pictures impacts your mental well being tremendously.  Then receiving the annual text messages “Happy Thanksgiving”, “Merry Christmas, and “Happy New Year” triggers the emptiness inside as well.  People tend to send these messages because we have been programmed to do so for so long we never tend to think how is the person actually doing that we are texting this too.  

As a result, I have decided in 2022 I will not shut down and isolate myself like I have done for years now.  I am still a work in progress (WIP) but definitely plan to elucidate. Elucidate is my 2022 OLW/WOTY.  Elucidate means to make clear or plain, especially by explanation; clarify. This is part of my healing process to achieve the goals I have personally and professionally.

Thanks for reading my first blog post and my journey to elucidating. 


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This is interesting; I use that word, one of favorites, all the time, mostly at work. Glad to see we have wordsmithing in common. “A thousand-mile journey begins with the 1st step.” Great 1st blog post.


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