Bittersweet Mixed Emotions….

Bittersweet Mixed Emotions….

Today is bittersweet with mixed emotions.  I wanted to get that one last hug and see ya later moment today but life happens that prevented this from happening.

Today of all days the toilet was clogged up.  Like really why today of all days.  So, I spent from 9ish to 5ish trying to unclog this toilet with all the home DIY.  I was running low on baking soda and vinegar.  I didn’t want to leave home due to the fear of water overflowing everywhere. Thank God for faithful Target Home Deliveries.  While waiting for my home delivery I was faithfully removing water from the toilet with a disposable cup.  My delivery finally arrived so I could add more vinegar and baking soda to do it’s chemical reaction again.  I hadn’t ate all day frustrated and tired.  I took a break in tears seeking my maker for relief.  Immediately I heard a huge flush. When I went to the bathroom I just cried.  Simply grateful & thankful tears of relief/joy.

Finally, I can take my shower, sip some hot herbal tea, and rest.  As I sit here I am reminded how today is so bittersweet.  My nephew and his family lives next door to me and today they moved to the next chapter of life.  I am happy for him and his family because they are a young family and they are sooooo happy to be closer to more family.  Since my dad died there has been so much emptiness inside.  Unfortunately I am still heartbroken and incomplete going on 4 years later.  But God bless my nephew to have my great niece.  Her presence simply made me so happy and I got to witness so many first life experiences.  I enjoyed babysitting her & watching her grow.  She truly amazes me and brought so much joy.  She is the sweetest baby ever.  Her “Sweetface” simply made my day.  Some of the things Sweetface does reminds me of my dad.  The convenience of just taking 10 steps to see her has spoiled me indeed to see my dad in her.  She is loud like my dad and does a happy dance to eat.  LOL. Her sweet giggle and smile simply melts my heart. I love that baby so much. When she starts talking that gibberish I would simply join in with her saying, “for real Bri Bri?”. LOL and she would respond back.  Absolutely thankful for the memories I have gain the past few months. Gonna miss my nephew and his family being so close. 

It’s a bittersweet day but it’s life.  So, I am drying my tears about to sip on this sweet tea while brainstorming on what’s next….

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